Sie fragen sich, so weiterzumachen wie bisher oder etwas zu ändern? Xenion berät Sie über Ihre konkreten Möglichkeiten und Chancen am Markt. Ob Sie nun in eine neue feste Stelle als General Counsel, Leiter Recht oder Unternehmensjurist, in eine andere Kanzlei oder in eine Rolle als Lawyer on Demand wechseln wollen. Reden wir?



Dezember 2018

Legal Tech Evangelist international Law Firm

Your tasks:

  • Analysis of current developments and market trends in legal techology;
  • Become internal point of reference for legal tech issues;
  • Analysis of completed transactions and market developments relevant for our practice;
  • Development of know-how collection in all relevant practice areas;
  • Analysis of the current legislation processes and the relevant case law;
  • Identify legal issues and trends for marketing initiatives in close collaboration with the Business Development Team;
  • Conceptual outlines of internal trainings.

Your skills:

  • Law degree and completed the second state exam or a comparable foreign qualification completed with distinction;
  • Professional experience as an attorney;
  • Professional focus is on corporate law and / or M & A;
  • Interested in a career as legal tech expert in an international law firm.

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