Finally, self-determined work

The Xenion Way could soon happily inspire your own way.

You are a business lawyer and a part of leading legal teams in your sector? You are still with a larger firm or have already switched to a spin-off or your own firm? Or are you a successful corporate lawyer or-jurist in search of new perspectives and challenges for the long term?

Want demanding work, yet at the same time remain flexible and decide which projects you take on? Autonomous, but still part of a modern network? Independent of large law firms, but subject to the same high quality standards?


Our demands at Xenion are high. The foundation for success is a team of excellent lawyers who rise to this challenge. If you belong to them, we can offer you a modern career path:

  • Work with us, not for us.
  • Maintain your independent work and lifestyle outside the usual office structures. Instead of daily routines, you will experience new challenges. You get to know different companies and work close to the business, closer than you usually would as an external lawyer.
  • Find new and interesting tasks. We analyse the market, advise companies and offer the resulting opportunities to you – we call these opportunities “Missions”.
  • You are more than billable hours. Unleash your potential and develop factual entrepreneurial skills, which helps you in the long term and gives you more than one leg to stand on.
  • Stretch yourself. We invest in the personal development of our colleagues. We support entrepreneurship and share our thoughts on the legal market of the future – So that you can participate in it. Evolve, create, innovate!

Xenion Shine a Light