What is the Job to be done?

asks Harvard Professor and founder of the disruptive innovation theory Clayton Christensen. It is all about this issue in the first stage of the Service Design, before we come to the Service Delivery, i.e. the provision of legal services. This can be done for example by our lawyers-on-demand, but it is not necessarily required. With the modular approach of the Xenion model, you get your solution and not just a “product off the shelf”.

We reach tailor-made solutions using with modern approaches, such as “Design Thinking”, documenting, and improving processes, as well as quality management. We do everything together with you, because that is the only way we can make sure that it is your solution for the long term. This gives you not only ideas, but a guide to the implementation of how we use our unique know-how to support you. You can talk to us about design and delivery of legal services, and in particularly about sourcing, staffing, and training.

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