DHLWe exist to help organisations run their legal services (more) efficiently and to allow lawyers a more satisfying way to practise. With us you are not alone but part of the international NextLaw-movement.

Does your environment let you work self-determined and flexible, so that you are truly enjoying it? Often colleagues from law firms and companies tell us how they perceive their external activity conditions as less than optimal. Burn-out or bore-out are the result – not just a shame, but fatal. We believe that happy lawyers provide the greatest added value for themselves and others. We are in an Age, where the technical possibilities and the substantive conditions are available, to make things better for us than for the generation before us.

Bücher_1Do you work efficiently and effectively? Do you benefit from the technology available in the digital age? Xenion Legal launched in 2012 with a clear and challenging mission: Change how legal advice is provided – for clients, but also for lawyers. We are available as a partner in legal work for legal departments and law firms. We offer dedicated lawyers a real alternative to traditional careers with our third way as a Xenion lawyer-on-demand.

In ancient times, departing guests received a “Xenion” (ξεινήιον), a “gift”. It symbolized the appreciation the host had for his guest. Similarly, DAX 30 and other modern companies in Germany and Switzerland thank the Xenion lawyers who support them either on the ground in their legal departments or via IT interface after successful missions. The “X” stands for the approach to combine the best of in-house and external law firm. We do not fit into any of the usual molds of law firm, consulting, or human resources advisor. Xenion Legal a new type of legal services provider – the “NextLaw firm in the Heart of Europe”.

Companies looking for alternatives in the legal services sector more and more appreciate our unique ability to arrange flexible legal solutions quickly and accurately. Medium and large law firms also approach us for HR solutions. We focus on people, processes, and modern technology. We let others do the talk on legal tech, being far too busy creating sustainable legal tech solutions with our clients and implementing these with them.

See how we work and what we are do here, and find out here who is behind it all.