Years of intensive professional development go hand in hand with time-outs for family phases, for training… The concrete daily work design will change as well. The transitions between employment and private tasks will become fluent, aided by technological change… The independence of worktime and workplace dissolves traditional divisions of labor and replaces them with flexible working relationships – just as the regular weekly working hours are replaced by a work time based on trust: it does not matter where and when the work is done – the adherence to delivery dates and the quality of the results are relevant

Prognos study of the German Bar Association about the latest trends in the legal services market

We are setting new standards in legal recruitment, using technology-based agile teamwork of experienced consultants and network effects we call crowd hunting. Leading international law firms use Xenion Campus to train their senior associates and junior partners in legal project management and legal design thinking. With Xenion Ventures we inspire legal tech start-ups in Europe and invest in them. Together we are heading towards legal work 4.0.

How we see the (legal) world of tomorrow

Legal work will be provided by flexible and changing project teams. These teams meet in and around law firms, networks and platforms. Legal tech will empower lawyers and their clients to collaborate, to automate and to augment their knowledge. Supporting software also helps efficiently manage routine processes. Know-how is widely available and accessible.

In the course of these changes, a colorful landscape of alternative providers will develop – and thus complement and enrich today’s dominant image of law firms and internal legal services – a giant opportunity for all those willing to leave established tracks. Stronger than previously possible, the next generation of lawyers will use interdisciplinary qualifications to open up new options and develop new career paths. Central opportunities will arise in the areas of digitization, design, and management. Actually, we already work with lawyers who design digital applications for legal topics, having switched to solution architects as their job title. If you want to learn more about these topics, contact us. Join the legal design movement and become part of the community.

Things that inspire and fascinate us

  • We believe in change and revere those who brilliantly talk or write about or themselves serve as examples of innovation and entrepreneurship: Clayton Christensen, Günter Faltin, and Sir Richard Branson – to name but a few.
  • We are confident enough to discover good things in our competitors and let these inspire us. As part of the international movement of NewLaw, we are benchmarking with what’s happening in the Bay Area combining it with our own strong points as Europeans.
  • Some books and articles are central to our approach. We give tribute to Richard Susskind by our motto “Tomorrow’s lawyers. Delivered tody”. Discover 100 exclusive book recommendations in the Legal Art Gallery. Learn about current events in our blog. Listen to our CEO Carsten being part of Lawyers-on-Fire, Europe’s first podcast on innovation & passion & purpose.