The Peer-To-Peer Network

Xenion functions as a peer-to-peer network, controlled by a central management team. Our lawyers share our vision of sustainable, flexible, and high-quality legal advice. Through their engagement with Xenion they gain the chance to maintain self-determined work and lifestyles. Each of us has their own history of success. What unites us, is the deep conviction, that legal advice in the future will be different. The Internet of Things (IoT) provides us with excellent tools to be able to work better than the generation before us.

Our hand-picked network consists of around 250 lawyers. Most of the Xenion lawyers are German or Swiss educated and qualified, have studied abroad, and work in two or three languages. Increasingly, there are applications from ladies and gentlemen from Anglo-American backgrounds. The profiles of our Xenion lawyers are characterized by professional qualifications. Meet them and experience their personal commitment. Every Attorney goes through a careful selection process and receives systematic feedback on their engagements with companies. We want to know our ladies and gentlemen personally and not only by their CVs. This process ensures that we have the right skills in the team, and is also guarantees, that our colleagues share the same principles and values in their work. We see state examinations with honors from German lawyers as an indication of their legal competence. In addition, practical successes, MBAs, and other evidence of managerial acumen will impress us.

The Profile

The typical Xenion lawyer has several years of leadership and project experience in various businesses and industries. Many of our colleagues are used to living out of suitcases in the most diverse assignment locations nationally and internationally, as well as periods of the highest professional workloads, which alternate with phases of rest. It is these alternating phases of professional assignments in client companies and times left to personal disposition, that Xenion lawyers consider a special incentive in choosing this line of work. We also have well-qualified male and female colleagues in the team, that want to be more flexibly as parents in dividing the workload, rather than adhering to the tradition 9 to 5 or 8 to 8. There are also more and more colleagues with many years of experience coming to us, who want to return to self-determined work after successful careers as General Counsels or full-time partners in law firms, and who contribute their experiences and skills to projects or becoming mentors.

We select Xenion lawyers with special in-house expertise for missions in companies. These include practical experiences with organizational and political requirements, team and communication skills, as well as solution-oriented advice.

Increasingly, companies and law firms ask for young lawyers, who are well qualified and flexible. That’s why we are currently building a team of young professional lawyers, which will augment our team of experienced Xenion lawyers.

Upon request we will gladly provide you with individual profiles.

The Backbone

What use is a network, if it cannot be used optimally? Our answer: not much. That's why we have dealt intensively with capacity management. Exciting are IT systems in the automotive and energy sector, which allow for the capture of different workload conditions and to control them. The result of our own research & development is MyXenion, a Web-based platform developed specifically for flexible people solutions.