What is Xenion?

Xenion is a modern service and consulting firm with special experience and expertise in the areas of legal people solutions and the design of legal services. Here at Xenion we believe in innovation and use it to bring together lawyers and companies for the benefit of both sides. We exist to help organizations to run their legal services more efficiently and to redefine contemporary legal work with the today’s lawyers.

Why Xenion specifically?

Xenion is at home in the German-speaking legal world. We know the needs and best practices of companies and law firms in Germany, Austria and Switzerland stemming from our own practice and many advisory mandates. Therefore, you will rarely find public advertisements with which we are looking to recruit lawyers. Our Attorney Network currently includes more than 600 colleagues and most of whom we know personally – with many of them we have already worked on concrete projects.

For our attorneys who want to work independently on interesting missions, this means personal and individual support. As a customer, you will receive customized solutions from independent experts. You may have received in the course of you recruitment activities many unsuitable CVs or profile proposals, which you will need to sort through, because the people behind them won’t fit. We directly recommend one to three appropriate candidates regularly and will conduct the “fine tuning” with you.

Is Xenion also a Legal Tech Company?

Our specially designed matching software MyXenion allows an accurate pre-selection according to area of expertise, specialty skills, region, and availability. Therefore, our consultants can focus on the personal fit. As a customer, you pay only for the selection by human factor, not for Agency overhead or numerous social media profiles.

So why not an online self-service platform from the start?

Good lawyers want to be sought out and rightly expect, in our experience, an informed effort to be made for them. In the rarest of cases they will post their profiles and be prepared to switch positions when mildly interesting jobs “apply” to them. “Job clicks lawyer” only works when lawyers regard themselves as a fungible commodity and corporates want to pay own staff to search and preselect candidate profiles.

Who is behind Xenion?

Xenion was founded by lawyers, who themselves worked in large law firms and in leading positions in the economy. They know both worlds and want to help colleagues to individually combine the best of both. Others can do HR consultancy by lawyers for lawyers or programming of mobile job apps, but Xenion places emphasis on an interdisciplinary approach in which elements of aptitude testing, strategic advice, and accurate market analysis are included. The people behind this can be seen under Team.

What are Xenion lawyers?

Xenion lawyers are well qualified lawyers, who, in addition to the traditional career path in a top law firm or an attractive company, are looking for a third career option as “quasi internal” employees to offer their knowledge and experience to companies and firms in flexible formats. The goal of our lawyers is basic self-determined work according to their own choice of projects. The ideal of well-qualified colleagues is the “George Clooney lawyer“. Driven by the new demand in volume matters such as class actions, we are working more and more with young professionals who want to develop a rewarding career path beyond “body lease” in tech-driven review projects.

What are project lawyers?

Project lawyers temporarily assume special or auxiliary tasks. The word “project lawyer” unfortunately has a negative connotation in Germany and is associated with “temp work” or “labor leasing”. We believe that even in this “second market” of “embarrassment lawyers” there will be new career paths that allow a job profile to choose one’s own assignments as a lawyer on demand and thus make a very good living. We work on selected projects in the LPO area.

What is the gig economy?

A gig economy is an environment in which temporary positions are common and organisations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements. The trend toward a gig economy has begun. A study by Intuit predicted that by 2020, 40 percent of American workers would be independent contractors. There are a number of forces behind the rise in short-term jobs. For one thing, in this digital age, the workforce is increasingly mobile and work can increasingly be done from anywhere, so that job and location are decoupled. That means that freelancers can select among temporary jobs and projects around the world, while employers can select the best individuals for specific projects from a larger pool than that available in any given area.

Digitalisation has also contributed directly to a decrease in jobs as software replaces some types of work and means that others take much less time. Other influences include financial pressures on businesses leading to further staff reductions and the entrance of the millennial generation into the workforce. The current reality is that people tend to change jobs several times throughout their working lives; the gig economy can be seen as an evolution of that trend.

In a gig economy, businesses save resources in terms of benefits, office space and training. They also have the ability to contract with experts for specific projects who might be too high-priced to maintain on staff. From the perspective of the freelancer, a gig economy can improve work-life balance over what is possible in most jobs.

Who works as a Xenion lawyer?

The Xenion lawyers come mainly from three groups: (i) former large law firm attorneys, who are seeking a better “work-life-blend” and are now engaged on their own or in smaller units, (ii) women (and more and more men), who want to combine challenging activities with flexible scheduling in consideration of family concerns, and (iii) “Grey hair or little hair” – former in-house lawyers, mostly from leadership positions, who have nothing left to prove anymore, but want to offer their wealth of experience in a constructive manner.

What is Legal Design?

Design is the bridge between creativity and innovation. With us, you will use the approach of Design Thinking in the legal field and enter new territories when it comes to organizing or framing of legal services. With this approach new formats are created, such as units on demand, which are specially tailored to the individual needs, or a custom designed, demand-driven legal desk, consisting of lawyers and technology.

How can we support your company?

We support your company with highly qualified lawyers. Our service portfolio ranges from interim bridging of staffing bottlenecks (e.g. parental leave, sabbatical leave), to project-related supplementation of existing legal departments and up to training (e.g. for compliance) and supporting of projects (e.g. in the construction of risk management). In addition, we are engaged to fill legal positions on expert or leadership levels.

What is the benefit for companies and law firms in cooperating with us?

Support on-demand: They receive need-based, cost-efficient, and flexible use of legal professionals whenever it is necessary.

What is our price?

Our remuneration is typically based on the common market rates for external counsel with the appropriate expertise and experience and on the remuneration of an equally qualified in-house lawyer. Thanks to our lean structure, we are able to directly pass on our cost savings and thus a considerable saving potential to you. With a Lawyer on Demand, the cost associated with a permanent position (e.g. non-wage costs, additional services, etc) are not incurred. For attorneys, engagements through Xenion are equally interesting financially as they are for companies and law firms. With our business model, we have created a “third” market between in-house and external law firm in German-speaking countries, which is a win-win situation for everyone involved. We would be happy generate a quote for an individual or business case.

We offer customised packages, where you can make flexible use of the individual lawyers as to location and timing. Depending on the duration of the deployment, we calculate the remuneration in the form of hourly or flat rate packages.

What are the contractual relations in a retaining us?

Contractual basis for companies is a common retainer between lawyer and client. This is contractual relationship is between your company and one of our attorneys. The typical circumstances applicable to a company and associated costs of employment therefore do not apply.

Does Xenion offer staffing of permanent positions?

Sometimes, the temporary engagement leads to the desire by the company or law firm to hire the lawyer on a permanent basis. Xenion naturally supports such a process by consulting on both sides. In addition, Xenion, due to its high market expertise and an excellent network, is well established in the area of “Permanent Recruitment” and can expertly support both companies and law firms in their search for the ideal candidate.

How does engaging our services work?

On the basis of a first conversation with you, we determine your specific needs and negotiate the scope of services and the terms. Closely sparring, we regularly work with colleagues from the legal and human resources departments or the responsible law firm partners. Once search profile and strategy are agreed, we will propose one or more appropriate lawyers. Even after you have opted for a temporary staffing solution, we will remain in contact with the lawyers and you during the assignments. As part of our quality management we perform short feedback sessions with you, at the end of a project mission or, if necessary, also before. In terms of the classical recruitment approach for permanent positions, common consensus is established prior to the actual search and contacting of candidates. In it, we will match our understanding of the characteristics of the position to be filled and the available pool of candidates to arrive at a suitable search strategy.

How quickly can I find a staffing solution with Xenion?

In the Lawyer on Demand segment our internal best is one week from request to candidate deployment – including profile proposal, personal interview and signing of the contract. In the classical permanent employment situation, periods of two to three months are realistic. We would appreciate it, of course, if you can give us some lead time.

Is it possible to meet the recommended attorney beforehand?

Yes. If you like the short profile, we can organize a personal meeting and introduce the lawyer – usually first by way of a video conference conveniently on your computer screen. If you want colleagues from your legal or human resources departments in multiple locations to join, we can conference them in directly.

Where do we work?

We work from where you want us to. So either in your company, your firm, or the place of your project (Stand-IN) – in constant contact with you – from our own offices (Stand-By).

Any further question you want to ask?

Give us a call: +49 69 348 737 160.