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Tomorrow's lawyers. Delivered today.

You want to find your legal dream team and use legal tech to empower your people in the age of digitization and flexible work? Welcome to our world! Xenion serves corporate clients and law firms with strategic recruitment ("executive search") and interim solutions ("lawyers on demand"). Our clients also turn to us for legal design which is the most important ingredient of sustainable legal tech.

For legal departements

Do you have the right legal team for your tasks ahead? No matter, if you are looking for permanent or temporary staff, if you are a large or small legal department – you will benefit from our people solutions.

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For law firms

Law firms trust us with the recruitment of partners and associates. Some also ask for tailor-made flexible staffing concepts.

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For lawyers

Are you ready for the next step? A career as a Xenion lawyer, a short-term commitment or a new permanent position? Here you find open missions and more suggestions for your career path.

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Do you already use strategic insourcing? Want to ramp-up your internal ressources during peak workloads or while colleagues are on leave?

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Managed Services

Want to increase the power of your legal team? You want to outsource standard tasks?

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Next generation

Today's graduates and digital natives will soon be conducting legal tasks in completely different ways than is common practice today. Do you want to see with our help innovation as an opportunity and prepare for new possibilities?

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Digitalisation of legal services

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Xenion speaks at the 7th European Commercial and Corporate Law Day on March 25th, 2017 in Dusseldorf. The conference is held in German and French, discussing “Economy 4.0: The changes of business law in the...


  • I am absolutely impressed by your speed and the huge amount of support. And I also like the enjoyable co-operation with you. 🙂 Thank you Xenion.”

    MZ, Head of Commercial Management and Critical Projects ∣ Director Contracts & Legal, S&P/TSX 60 listed corporation

  • I don’t look at legal as overhead. I look at it as a value-add.”

    SM, former GC Aviation Industry, Xenion Lawyer

  • There are many internet start-ups. Also in the legal area. More is happening here. Xenion is real life for companies.“

    CvI, Xenion Lawyer, Munich

  • Fully satisfying job.”

    BG, Xenion Lawyer, working in the medical nutrition sector, Erlangen

  • A team of three Xenion lawyers acted as the legal function mainly in EMEA during our recent reorganization. The unit was set up on demand at a time where matters required immediate attention without the time to build an in-house team. The Xenion unit was quickly put in place and was later ramped down in a flexible manner when and as the in-house team could take over. Good bridge.”

    Global GC technology company operating worldwide in more than 48 countries, US/Munich

  • As a Xenion lawyer you enter an unknown, fast-paced business environment, based on your experience you come up to speed as quickly as possible, roll up your sleeves, get down to the job and deliver results. When it’s over you take time out and get ready for the next assignment. Then you do it again. Work-life-balance in action. Highly addictive.”

    SG, Xenion lawyer, on mission as an Associate General Counsel in a multinational e-commerce corporation, Switzerland

  • Entering a company as a newcomer, you see many things with a clearer view than those who are on board many years. It’s highly rewarding to actually have an impact and being asked for advice by more and more employees.”

    AK, Xenion Lawyer, on mission as a General Counsel on Demand in the IT Sector, Munich

  • The market for legal services is changing. Ever increasing cost pressure, the claim that legal departments must contribute a measurable value for the success of the company but also the ‘war for talent’ are all calling for lean processes in inhouse departments and law firms. The business model of Xenion Legal addresses these challenges and answers a market need.”

    Professor Leo Staub, Executive School of Management, Technology and Law, Univerity of St Gallen

  • A fascinating and versatile job in the field of international plant engineering and construction. In a team with highly qualified and motivated in-house colleages we help delivering complex contract projects. My own experience from former in-house work in DAX 30 corporates and other companies helps me a lot and directly flows into my contributions.”

    MB, Xenion Lawyer, enegry sector, South Germany